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Adoption First Steps is a Charitable Trust that helps New Zealand residents adopt children from overseas.

AFS provides the services required to seek New Zealand Government approval which is the first step towards being able to adopt from overseas. After this approval, adoptive parents can then work with a Placement Agency to be matched with a child.

Set up by parents who adopted from overseas, AFS also provides down-to earth information and advice about inter-country adoption, the process and requirements. Our aim is to help individuals and families adopt children from overseas orphanages or other care into suitable, well-prepared and loving home environments.

Please note that you must be a New Zealand Resident – and living and working in New Zealand – to adopt from overseas and we can help only with the countries listed below..

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Thanks for your support. It's a huge process and you have been wonderful and made the first step of the way a total joy.


AFS is accredited by the New Zealand Government to help with adoptions from:

The Philippines

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Why Choose AFS

AFS sole purpose is to help families adopt from overseas.

Our services are:
Timely so you can work towards seeking approval for adoption as soon as practically possible.
Targeted with an Education Programme dealing solely with parenting children who have been institutionalised or impacted by other circumstances.
Supportive having been developed by New Zealand adoptive parents who understand the unique challenges and rewards.
Step by step to work best with the particular circumstances of Prospective Adoptive parents.

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Free Introductory Course

Start with our Free Introductory Course which has lots of information about inter-country adoption.

The course also helps you understand the needs of children who have been adopted from overseas.
The Course can be done in private and there is no obligation for you to continue further unless you want to.
We provide services throughout New Zealand and if you have questions or would like to talk to us please:
Phone: 027 2372014

Free Introductory Course

I must say, I am VERY impressed with AFS. Thank you so much for all your hard work and incredibly fast supply of information. It is hugely appreciated!

Your donation goes directly to help our Charitable Trust prepare families well for adopting children from overseas orphanages or other State care.