Adoption First Steps provides services to educate, assess and prepare New Zealand residents who wish to adopt children residing in state care overseas. Our mission is to create well-prepared families for inter-country adoption.

Why Choose Adoption First Steps?

Which countries can AFS prepare me for?

AFS is accredited by the New Zealand Central Authority to prepare and assess prospective adoptive parents seeking to adopt children from the following Hague signatory countries:



Why Choose Adoption First Steps?

Why Choose Adoption First Steps?

We provide a timely service;

We specialise in inter-country adoption only;

We are a team of highly experienced professionals with skills in a range of adoption services, particularly inter-country adoption;

We are the only agency in New Zealand to provide a range of education programmes that solely focus on inter-country adoption;

Our programmes are designed and developed by New Zealand experts who have hands-on experience in inter-country adoption in New Zealand, using best practice and current research.

Why Adoption First Steps?

What do I do next?

What do I do next?

Our Free Introduction Course consists of all the information you need to assist you to understand the inter-country adoption process.
This course is free and there is no obligation for you to continue along the process further.

Contact us with your questions via email -

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Phone: 027 2372014

Free Introductory Course

Your donation will help our charitable trust create well prepared families for inter-country adoption.