Adoption First Steps and the Philippines

PhilipPhilippines Childrenpines assistance available from January 2016.

Adoption First Steps is able to offer services for education and assessment for those wishing to adopt from the Philippines as of January 2016. Adoption First Steps is pleased to be able offer a fifth country choice for prospective adoptive parents, and looks forward to welcoming these children into caring families in New Zealand.

Below are links to the adoption agencies Inter-country Adoption New Zealand and Ministry for Vulnerable Children to find out more about adopting from the Philippines.
Ministry for Vulnerable Children

Funding – Endeavour Foundation

Thanks to Endeavour Foundation for funding for the organisational development of Adoption First Steps.  We have a policy of continuous improvements in our efforts to provide an outstanding service for Prospective Adoptive Parents, with our focus always on best outcomes for the adopted child.

Funding from Pub Charities


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AFS wishes to acknowledge Pub Charities grant of $2,500.  AFS will use this money to make our website easier to search for and find on the internet.