Adoption Education Programme

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Our Education Programme helps you better understand the impacts on children of life in an orphanage, from being abandoned for different reasons or having a less and ideal start in life. It tells you what to expect and helps prepare you with the skills and attitude you will need to successfully parent your child or children. It also expands on the steps involved in seeking Government approval to adopt. If you have not already done so, it can help you decide from which country you may wish to adopt.

It consists of on-line education modules as well as a workshop. Each adoptive parent must complete at least 12 hours of on line education as part of their approval process; 14 hours if you are adopting an older child.

On line education

The series of seven on-line modules is available 24/7 so you can complete them at your own pace and in privacy. Each Prospective Adoptive Parent must complete the modules individually. They cover:

  • About inter country adoption
  • Attachment
  • Brain development
  • The unique needs of children adopted from overseas
  • Parenting skills and strategies
  • Developing a strong family
  • Adopting older children (as applicable)


The one day workshop is run by two AFS Social Workers who specialise in inter-country adoption. A parent who has adopted from overseas will share their experience and knowledge and you will also build on the learning from the on-line course covering attachment, bonding, health and well-being, development, cultural heritage etc.

These workshops are held regularly – usually quarterly – but you must have completed at least four of the on line education models before you can attend and book at least three weeks in advance.

The course also offers the opportunity to meet other prospective Adoptive Parents, ask questions and get to know Adoption First Steps staff including its Social Workers who will be working with you through the next step of the process.
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