Home Study Report

If you have been assessed as suitable to adopt the AFS Social Worker writes a Home Study Report (HSR) based on the outcomes from the Assessment. The HRS is the key document that recommends you to the authorities of the country from which you are assessed as suitable to adopt. It also includes recommendations on the numbers, age range, gender and health characteristics of a child or children.

The Report must be approved by New Zealand Government’s Central Authority (NZCA) and this report is used to match you with your child or children.

The AFS Social Worker will provide you with a draft of your Home Study Report (HSR) which is an opportunity to correct any factual errors or provide feedback. This also helps to ensure accuracy, fairness and openness. The HSR is written in the format required by the authorities of the country from which you wish to adopt and AFS sends it to the NZCA – along with your Psychology Report/s if required – for approval.
Upon NZCA approval you can take your Home Study Report to your chosen Placement Agency which will guide you through the next steps of being matched with a child or children based on the recommendations in the Report.